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Ministry of Transportation cancel and exempt some charging fee items from shipping Companies

Date:2013-09-11  Source:Shenzhen Greensea Shipping Service Co., Ltd


        Ministry of Transportation cancel and exempt some

                               charging fee items from shipping Companies




On 29th Aug.2013, Ministry of Transportation hold the topic conference at Beijing and discussed the issue of how to standardized the charging work of domestic water enterprises.

As we learned, 10 specific charging items of administration fees have been canceled; 4 supervision serivce fees have been canceled and suspended; Taking measures to standardized the management service fees. By this way, to help resolve the current international and domestic shipping companies out of serious troubles.

"Suspend the regulation about international vessels discharge ship pollution before the departure of China, and allow vessels to choose the discharging ports. This measure is to avoid the repeated charging fee from international vessels on ship pollution disposal at internal Chinese ports"---This regulation also got the permission of Ministry of Transportation MSA, and no need a long time, the formal implement doucuments wil be issued .